Cranbrook Quilters Guild COVID 19 Plan

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Cranbrook Quilters Guild Covid19 Plan for Seniors Hall November 28/21

When entering the Seniors Hall, please follow the Guild’s Covid19 plan as well as the policies of the Seniors Hall. A reminder: People entering the Seniors Hall are required to have a Vaccine Card.

By attending a Guild activity you are accepting the risk arising from pandemic, communicable diseases (including but not limited to Covid 19). Guild members, please do not attend Guild activities if you feel unwell.

- Guild members attending any activity at the Seniors Hall will be members of the Seniors Association and show a Provincial or Federal Vaccination Card with supporting ID. The guild member leading the activity is responsible for checking. A current Seniors Association Card is both a membership and vaccine card.

- Guild members will be asked to sign-up for an activity. Drop- ins will be asked to limit the time spent. Drop-ins must also sign in. For example, a member might drop in to check out a book from the library while the main activity is occurring as access to the area is limited at non-Guild times.

- Masks will be worn to enter and leave the Hall and in

other public/congested areas. Also, masks will be worn when it is difficult to maintain the required social distance, such as when hand-quilting a common quilt. The Guild will provide a mask if needed.*

- Hand sanitizing will be on entry to the Hall as per the Hall policy. Hand sanitizing will be done before and after the use of common equipment such as cutting tools, or an iron. Common equipment will be cleaned after each activity. The Guild will provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant.*

- As part of the activity is social, coffee or tea can be made in the kitchen area, with clean-up as per Hall policy. Members will bring their own cup. Masks and hand sanitizing rules apply. Treats can be brought for the small group activity in a serving container to limit the use of kitchen equipment. All rules about distancing apply when picking up coffee and treat

* Masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are stored in the library cupboard. Members attending are responsible for setting up a sanitizing station and disinfecting tools used by the group.

Susan Little November 30/21

(Guild Covid19 Plan-Seniors-Nov21) 

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