Membership Information

Membership fees for the 2022-23 season are $35, and can be paid by cheque, cash or E-transfer. Contact the guild to receive payment instructions.

Why join the Cranbrook Quilters’ Guild?

Here is one member's opinion:

I want to be part of the guild to:

  • learn from others and know who to ask for help when I need it - there is so much expertise within the group!
  • be inspired to try new things 
  • have some accountability or motivation to work on projects (e.g. I signed up for the PHD program and it was just what I needed to get some projects done)
  • meet and build connections with people outside my usual personal/work spheres
  • feel part of something bigger within the community
  • encourage others
  • participate in programs 

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Membership Benefits and Commitments

Constitution and Bylaws: page 1 and page 2

Guild Badge Patterns: paper-pieced and appliqué 

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