2015 Quilt Show Winners

Award Winning Quilts and Quilted Treasures (Press Release is below photos)

Audrey MacKinnon with “Jacobean Beauty” 100 X 112 inches 

Best in Show and Viewers’ Choice

(2nd Place Hand Quilting)

Centre applique from a pattern by Trish Stuart, Brick frame designed by Lorraine Stagness. (100 x 112”)

"Bobbi's Flying Carpet,” by Linda Nesbitt 

1st Hand-Quilted

78 X 97 inspired from a picture in a magazine with original blocks added 

Compass Star by Wendy Litz

3rd Place Hand-Quilted

Quilt was commissioned to match an inlaid wooden compass star floor design. Star design was stitched using freezer paper pattern pieces. Backing is pieced flannels. Wool batting. For Bill Litz (92 X 96")

Unnamed Quilt pieced by Donna Cockwell and quilted by Donna Shepard

1st place Machine Pieced and Quilted 

(105 x 87")

Block of the Month Challenge   

"Journey Through Nepal” pieced and quilted by Linda Wesley

2nd place Machine Pieced and Quilted

The blocks are from Cotton Tree's 5 & Dime series 2011 which I had made while housesitting in Calgary for a lady who was trekking in Nepal. Borders are from Dianne Janssen.(64 X 78")

“Borders” Pieced by Joan Parsons, Quilted by Donna Shepard

3rd place Machine Pieced and Quilted

Borders class by Dianne Janssen (70 X83”)    

Quilted Treasures: Viewers’ Choice award winners:

 1st: Audrey MacKinnon for "Cowboys on the Clothesline,”: (Seven embroidered tea towels inspired by some she saw in a shop in Montana)

 2nd: Lynne Shewchuk for “Jewelly Dragon Wall Hanging,”(on wall) (18” diameter)

 3rd: Susan Little for her two 24” dolls, Mary Robertson and Jemima Wisely. Doll pattern: Three English Maids: Pippa, Piper and Penelope by Rebekah Holloway of Rebekah Design Studios, Castor AB

Press Release from Cranbrook Quilters' Guild, May 25, 2015

Cranbrook Quilt Show a Success

         Over four hundred people attended the Cranbrook Quilters' Guild recent quilt show, "Mountains of Quilts". "We received great support from our community with the best attendance ever," said Maxine Adshead, Quilt Show coordinator. There were over two hundred quilts in the show as well as another dozen community donation quilts on display. The "Quilted Treasures" category for non-quilt stitched items, had over thirty entries. The large number of items is an indication of the vibrancy of the community of quilters.

         The guild members (and their families) also stepped up to the plate to volunteer for the two-day event. Over fifty volunteers made the event a success.

         The winner of the "Best in Show" rosette as well as "Viewers' Choice" was Audrey MacKinnon for her queen-sized quilt, "Jacobean Beauty." The inspiration for the quilt was a gift of fabric from her daughter. She enjoyed the challenge of finding a quilt design that suited the fabric. By combining elements from two different quilt patterns, she came up with something that was truly unique. She began the quilt in 2013, taking several months to complete the piecing and the appliqués. "I love appliqué," said MacKinnon, "so I made that the centre focus of my quilt." Once the quilt top was complete, the long process of hand-quilting could begin. MacKinnon worked at it steadily until it was finished in April of 2015. She hand-quilted her quilt on a small floor frame, stitching up to three hours a day.  "I feel that I am accomplishing something and not just wasting my time sitting." Although most of the quilts that MacKinnon has made are for gifts, this one was different. "I thought, this time I'm going to do something for myself."  And so she sleeps beneath her creation, a quilt that she cherishes, and one that is also award winning. MacKinnon started quilting in earnest after moving to Cranbrook in 2000. She has been involved in the quilt guild ever since, having served as president and various other positions.

Winners of the 2015 Cranbrook Quilt Show Rosettes:

Best in Show and Viewers' Choice: Audrey MacKinnon for "Jacobean Beauty"

Hand quilted: 1st: Linda Nesbitt for "Bobbi's Flying Carpet," 2nd: Audrey MacKinnon for "Jacobean Beauty," 3rd: Wendy Litz for "Compass Star"

Machine quilted: 1st: Donna Cockwell, who pieced an unnamed quilt, (quilted by Donna Shepard); 2nd: Linda Wesley, who pieced and quilted, "Journey Through Nepal"; 3rd: Joan Parsons, who pieced "Borders," (quilted by Donna Shepard)

Quilted Treasures: 1st: Audrey MacKinnon for "Cowboys on the Clothesline," 2nd: Lynne Shewchuk for "Dragon Wall Hanging," 3rd: Susan Little for her two dolls.

         Thanks to Top Crop and Batik Corner Fabric Store (Oyama, B.C.) for donations to the door prizes and to Marilyn, Gisele and Rose who judged the quilts.

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